M/S Target Enterprises

Manganese Octoate

We bring forth fine quality Manganese Octoate for the customers. The Manganese Octoate promotes both 'Surface Dry' and 'Through Dry'. In baking finishes, Manganese Octoate is superior to cobalt, as it does not cause embrittlement; Manganese Octoate also gives better results than cobalt in low temperature drying performance and does not suffer from wrinkling under high humidity condition. Manganese Octoate generally imparts a pink/yellow color to white enamels and hence is best avoided in such finishes. In some systems such as urethane oils, use of Manganese Octoate is preferred in reduced 'skinning' problems.

Major Applications
  • Paint
  • Printing lnk
  • Foundry chemicals


Color Brown
Metal Content 6%, 8%, 10%
Non Volatile At 102oC/1 Hr% 37
Specific Gravity At 30oC 0.89
Viscosity At 30oC.F.C. No 4 25
Freezing Point <3oC