Latest Products Latest Products Sat, 28 May 2022 16:22:55 +0530 en-us FRP Chemicals Fri, 21 May 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Cobalt Octoate Wed, 26 May 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Presence of Cobalt Octoate during the hardening process of Fibre Reinforced plastic (commonly known as FRP) helps fasten the drying process in a controlled manner while ensuring quality of the finished product. Also, as a catalyst it helps form stronger bonds in the material and provide clearer product allowing for better finish. Such finish is preferably for locations where high quality products are required. We are engaged in providing Cobalt Octoate to the customers. The Cobalt Octoate Cobalt is a powerful oxidation catalyst. Cobalt Octoate is therefore combined with other metals such as Lead, Manganese, Calcium, Zirconium, etc traditionally and with Aluminium or Lithium in modem high solids coatings. Cobalt Octoate has a bluish-violet/purple color. However, the yellow color of oil and resin counter this and resultant coatings have increased whiteness. Cobalt Octoate therefore is invariably preferred in white coatings. Major Applications Paint Printing Ink Varnishes Unsaturated Polyester resin FRP etc. Use The wrinkling effect produced by high cobalt levels is taken advantage of when producing alkyd based wrinkling enamels. Lead Octoate Fri, 21 May 2021 00:00:00 +0530 We bring forth well-formulated Lead Octoate to the customers. The Lead Octoate functions as a powerful drier by promoting polymerization of drying oils, causing the film to dry in its entire thickness; in other words the drying of the surface and inside the film is catalyzed uniformly. Lead Octoate is, therefore, called 'through' drier whereas cobalt is known as top drier. Lead Octoate also improves the flexibility, toughness, durability, water resistance and salt spray resistance of the film. Uses of Lead Octoate Used in conjunction with others such as Cobalt and Calcium Used as a deleafing additive for Aluminium pastes Major Applications Paint Printing lnk Foundry chemicals PVC etc. Manganese Octoate Fri, 21 May 2021 00:00:00 +0530 We bring forth fine quality Manganese Octoate for the customers. The Manganese Octoate promotes both 'Surface Dry' and 'Through Dry'. In baking finishes, Manganese Octoate is superior to cobalt, as it does not cause embrittlement; Manganese Octoate also gives better results than cobalt in low temperature drying performance and does not suffer from wrinkling under high humidity condition. Manganese Octoate generally imparts a pink/yellow color to white enamels and hence is best avoided in such finishes. In some systems such as urethane oils, use of Manganese Octoate is preferred in reduced 'skinning' problems. Major Applications Paint Printing lnk Foundry chemicals Calcium Octoate Fri, 21 May 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Catering to the needs of the clients, we provide Calcium Octoate to the customers. Calcium Octoate is used both in combinations with Lead and as a partial replacement for Lead in vehicles that show poor tolerance for Lead. Calcium Octoate prevents formation of basic Lead Phthalates in alkyds systems. When used along with Zirconium in lead free systems, Calcium Octoate improves drying efficiency at low temperature and high humidity. Calcium driers find important applications as pigment wetting agents and reduce loss of dry problems. Owing to these factors, the Calcium Octoate is high on demand in the market. Major Applications Paint Printing Ink etc Zinc Octoate Fri, 21 May 2021 00:00:00 +0530 We are well-reputed Manufacturer and Supplier of Zinc Octoate. Zinc Octoate has been found to provide harder films in many coatings as it modifies the function of Cobalt containing films and baking enamels keeping the film "open" and preventing surface wrinkling. Zinc Octoate is an excellent pigments wetting agent and reduces loss of dry when incorporated early in the grind phase of the manufacturing process. The Zinc Octoate can be availed at pocket friendly prices from us. Technical Bulletin A typical composition of a Lead based drier combination is : Lead : 0.5% to 0.6% (based on resin solids) Cobalt : 0.05% to 0.06% (based on resin solids) Calcium : 0.1% to 0.12% (based on resin solids) Major Applications Paint Printing Ink PVC etc. Iron Octoate Fri, 21 May 2021 00:00:00 +0530 We excel in providing Iron Octoate to our valuable customers. Iron Octorate is a specialty drier which is active only at bake temperatures of above l20oC although it effects little or no polymerization at ambient temperatures. Iron Octoate can be used only in darkly pigmented coatings as it contributes a brownish red color. Iron Octoate is a good wetting agent for carbon black pigments yielding better grinds and helps to avoid loss of dry problems. Iron Octoate has also been reported to reduce the tendency for orange peeling in black automotive bake finishes. We have acquired huge appreciation from the customers owing to high purity of the Iron Octoate. Major Applications Paint Printing Ink etc. Cerium Octoate Fri, 21 May 2021 00:00:00 +0530 We are engaged in offering well-formulated Cerium Octoate to the customers. Cerium Octorate promotes polymerization and through drying. Cerium Octoate is, more active at higher temperatures and does not stain the film although it imparts less hardness than iron. Cerium Octoate is a preferred drier in long oil alkyd vehicles and alkyd/epoxy systems. Cerium Octoate also performs as an effective auxiliary drier in coatings dried at low temperature and high humidity. Cerium Octoate is particularly recommended for baking finishes for white or overprint vanishes where color retention is important. Major Applications Paint Printing Ink etc. Lithium Octoate Fri, 21 May 2021 00:00:00 +0530 We are specialized in the Manufacturing and Supplying of Lithium Octoate. The Lithium Octoate is checked on different parameters under the strict supervision of experts. Lithium Octorate is highly demanded by the customers. The Lithium Octoate is necessarily of low molecular weight, so designed to comply with VOC regulations. Zirconium Octoate Fri, 21 May 2021 00:00:00 +0530 We are well- reputed Manufacturer and Supplier of Zirconium Octoate. The Zirconium Octoate is Zirconium Octorate is the most widely accepted substitute for Lead dries in non toxic system. Zirconium Octoate functions mainly by its catalytic activity of drier metals such as Cobalt and Manganese. Zirconium Octoate is generally used in combination with Cobalt and Calcium; the latter especially for coatings dries under adverse conditions. Zirconium Octoate is effective in both air dry and bake coating systems. Zirconium Octoate improves gloss, hardness and through dry without any adverse effect on other coating properties. Zirconium Octoate can be procured at pocket friendly prices from us. Major Applications Paint Printing Ink etc. Paint Driers Thu, 13 May 2021 00:00:00 +0530 We are engaged in the Manufacturing and Supplying of Paint Driers. Our Paint Driers are manufactured from high-grade quality base materials. We check the Paint Driers on different parameters under the stringent eye of our experts. Aluminium Drier Fri, 21 May 2021 00:00:00 +0530 We have recently developed a new range of organic Aluminium Drier as an alterative drier system for high solids coatings VOC compliant systems. These Aluminium Driers function as through driers and hence are never used alone, but in conjunction with surface driers preferably Cobalt to prevent surface tack, eliminating wrinkling and offering improved resistance to film yellowing. However, it must be understood that Aluminium Driers are resin specific tending to build up viscosity in systems of high acid and /or hydroxyl number. It is being realized that alkyd vehicles need to be prepared around Aluminium Driers rather than the other way. Attributes Improved pigment wetting Water resistant Gloss retention Blended Drier Fri, 21 May 2021 00:00:00 +0530 We offer a wide range of Blended Driers. Based on our extensive experience while working with formulators, we are able to offer specific combinations based on the end use application of Blended Drier. Moreover, we can tailor make any combination of Blended Drier for our customers may require. The Blended Drier is proprietary product for critical drying requirements. Range Dural A-MS : It is an Aluminum drier designed specifically for high solids and low VOC air-drying alkyd systems. Unlike conventional driers, which work on an oxidation process, this product acts as a cross-linking agent. It is stable during storage and replaces both the through and auxiliary driers. Alphacat-DH : It is a drier accelerator and, when used along with conventional driers, provides improved gloss and inter-coat adhesion. Dry Cat 16 and 8 : They provide excellent drying performance on a wide range of coating vehicles. They are replacements for conventional through driers where the coating is used in adverse conditions. Feed Supplements Fri, 21 May 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Target Industrial Wax Wed, 26 May 2021 00:00:00 +0530 During the moulding process for FRP formation, presence of a wax on the mould or die helps smooth the removal of finished material from the die. Our industrial wax is tested and proven effective for application on the mould/die to ensure removal of FRP without any damage to the finished good.  Sodium Selenite Wed, 26 May 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Sodium Selenite manufactured at our facility contains 45% selenium in powder form, suitable for direct mixing with feeds and consumption. As a nutrient, selenium is essential for all animal feeds for consumption by cattle, poultry, pigs, sheep, turkey and ducks among many others.   Sodium selenite is a proven and industry wide accepted source of selenium for all types of feed, especially in the area of poultry feed. Selenium is a nutrient that helps maintain a balance in bodily functions for its consumer. It is essential for reproduction, thyroid gland function, DNA production and protecting the body from damage caused by free radicals in case of any infection. Selenium is essentially the cofactor for the enzyme glutathione peroxidase which is responsible for catalysing the removal of peroxides (oxidative reaction of free radicals) thus important in the prevention of oxidative stress.    In case of poultry, Selenium has also been proven to improve gut health and thus helps improve the meat quality as well. Along with Vitamin E, selenium acts as a natural anti-oxidant that helps protect the cell membranes from oxidization by toxins, free radicals among others. A deficiency in selenium visible in the form of muscle cell degradation which directly impacts the animal health and maintain the meat quality. Selenium and vitamin E deficiency may result in a malfunction of the thyroid metabolism, which can cause a decrease in the growth rate, reduced fertility, altered phagocytic response, and a drop in disease resistance.  Cobalt Sulfate Wed, 02 Jun 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Cobalt Sulphate is a rich source of Cobalt for all sorts of feeds. It contains around 20% Cobalt in heptahydrate form and around 34% in monohydrate form. Its crystalline structure makes it easy for consumption by produce and easy absorption by the body.   Cobalt plays a key role in ensuring smoother bodily functions, combined with Vitamin B 12 it promotes the healthy functioning of the nervous system and involved in the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats. It promotes healthy red blood cell formation and neurological health in humans.   All ruminants (including sheep, cattle, and goats) require cobalt in their diet for the synthesis of vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 is essential for energy metabolism and the production of red blood cells. Cobalt deficiency in soils can cause vitamin B12 deficiency in livestock. A continued deficiency in cobalt may lead to reduced appetite, ill thrift, anemia, and scaly ears in livestock may it be cattle, poultry, or swine. Insulation Adhesive For Transformer Fri, 21 May 2021 00:00:00 +0530 INSULATING ADHESIVE TA-4000: The product is a room temperature curing insulating adhesive. It is used in the manufacturing and repair of paper covered conductors. It is also used in the construction of oil filled Power & Distribution Transformers.  The ‘Target’ made INSULATING ADHESIVE TA-4000 is most preferable product in the Transformer industry up to 1.6KV with quick curing time and best insulation.   Area of Application: For Copper-Aluminum coil winding with insulation paper. For sticking press board to make block/duct to avoid slip. For cotton tape wrapping on LV-HV coil covered with insulating paper. ADVANTAGES: It is solvent free and safe. Room temperature curing. Fully cured bond is resistant to transformer oil & chlorinated di-phenyl. Manufactured from eco-friendly chemicals.