M/S Target Enterprises

Lead Octoate

We bring forth well-formulated Lead Octoate to the customers. The Lead Octoate functions as a powerful drier by promoting polymerization of drying oils, causing the film to dry in its entire thickness; in other words the drying of the surface and inside the film is catalyzed uniformly. Lead Octoate is, therefore, called 'through' drier whereas cobalt is known as top drier. Lead Octoate also improves the flexibility, toughness, durability, water resistance and salt spray resistance of the film.

Uses of Lead Octoate
  • Used in conjunction with others such as Cobalt and Calcium
  • Used as a deleafing additive for Aluminium pastes

Major Applications
  • Paint
  • Printing lnk
  • Foundry chemicals PVC etc.


Color Pale Yellow
Metal Content 18%, 24%, 36%
Non Volatile At 102oC/1 Hr% 45
Specific Gravity At 30oC 1.03
Viscosity At 30oC.F.C. No 4 13
Freezing Point <0oC