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Octoate Chemicals

We are a well- reputed Octoate Chemicals Manufacturer and Supplier. Our Octoate Chemicals are formulated under the supervision of our experts. These Octoate Chemicals are used for diverse purposes in different industries. We can even match up with the bulk requirements of the customers. Our range of Octoate Chemicals comprise of Cobalt Octoate, Lead Octoate, Manganese Octoate, Calcium Octoate, Zinc Octoate, Iron Octoate, etc. These Octoate Chemicals can be availed at pocket friendly prices from us.

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Cobalt Octoate

We are engaged in providing Cobalt Octoate to the customers. The Cobalt Octoate Cobalt is a powerful oxidation catalyst. Cobalt Octoate is therefore combined with other metals such as Lead, Manganese, Calcium, Zirconium, etc traditionally and with Aluminium or Lithium in modem high solids


Lead Octoate

We bring forth well-formulated Lead Octoate to the customers. The Lead Octoate functions as a powerful drier by promoting polymerization of drying oils, causing the film to dry in its entire thickness; in other words the drying of the surface and inside the film is catalyzed uniformly. Lead


Manganese Octoate

We bring forth fine quality Manganese Octoate for the customers. The Manganese Octoate promotes both 'Surface Dry' and 'Through Dry'. In baking finishes, Manganese Octoate is superior to cobalt, as it does not cause embrittlement; Manganese Octoate also gives better results than cobalt in low


Calcium Octoate

Catering to the needs of the clients, we provide Calcium Octoate to the customers. Calcium Octoate is used both in combinations with Lead and as a partial replacement for Lead in vehicles that show poor tolerance for Lead. Calcium Octoate prevents formation of basic Lead Phthalates in alkyds


Zinc Octoate

We are well-reputed Manufacturer and Supplier of Zinc Octoate. Zinc Octoate has been found to provide harder films in many coatings as it modifies the function of Cobalt containing films and baking enamels keeping the film "open" and preventing surface wrinkling. Zinc Octoate is an excellent


Iron Octoate

We excel in providing Iron Octoate to our valuable customers. Iron Octorate is a specialty drier which is active only at bake temperatures of above l20oC although it effects little or no polymerization at ambient temperatures. Iron Octoate can be used only in darkly pigmented


Cerium Octoate

We are engaged in offering well-formulated Cerium Octoate to the customers. Cerium Octorate promotes polymerization and through drying. Cerium Octoate is, more active at higher temperatures and does not stain the film although it imparts less hardness than iron. Cerium Octoate is a preferred


Lithium Octoate

We are specialized in the Manufacturing and Supplying of Lithium Octoate. The Lithium Octoate is checked on different parameters under the strict supervision of experts. Lithium Octorate is highly demanded by the customers. The Lithium Octoate is necessarily of low molecular weight, so


Zirconium Octoate

We are well- reputed Manufacturer and Supplier of Zirconium Octoate. The Zirconium Octoate is Zirconium Octorate is the most widely accepted substitute for Lead dries in non toxic system. Zirconium Octoate functions mainly by its catalytic activity of drier metals such as Cobalt and Manganese.